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President’s Message

KAHIME President Boo, Yoo Kyung


The Korean Accreditation Board for Health Information Management Education (KAHIME) was launched in August 2018 as a foundation for the purpose of research, development and evaluation/accreditation of health information management education to promote the national health and was approved to establish a corporation by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in December 2018.

In accordance with the amended Medical Service Technologists, Etc. Act, the title “Medical Record Administrator” was changed to “Health Information Manager” on December 19, 2018, and the qualification of application for the national health information manager examination was amended to be granted only to the graduates of universities that are accredited for a health information manager curriculum by an accreditation agency in accordance with Article 11, Clause 2 of the Higher Education Act.

Based on the above Acts, health and medical information management education evaluation/accreditation will proceed for universities that have requested assessment/accreditation among universities that are operating health and medical information management education programs.

Health information management education evaluation/accreditation objectively verifies whether a university’s curriculum offers programs to foster graduates with the competence required by the times and society and officially accredits the academic achievement. The evaluation/accreditation system helps universities to implement demand-oriented education that reflects the needs of industries, including medical institutions. It aids in the achievement of education goals and programs, and the provision of performance-based education that evaluates graduates’ abilities and qualifications with a circulating autonomous improvement structure.

KAHIME will do its best to perform our duties as an accreditation authority based on objectivity, validity and reliability with professionalism of performance-based evaluation and internationality of evaluation results. Through the evaluation and accreditation of health information management education, we expect to produce highly qualified health information managers who can demonstrate the abilities that meet the needs of industry and ultimately enhance the national competitiveness of the healthcare industry and contribute to the improvement of national health.

KAHIME will listen to various opinions from universities and industries to do excellent work that meets expectations for the evaluation and accreditation of health information management education programs. We hope you will find and share information and opinions on this website, and that it will become a venue for your ideas.

We look forward to your continued interest and participation.
Thank you.





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